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engagement party

‘Tis the season for engagements. Nearly 70% of engagements happen between the months of December and February, and that makes this winter a very busy and exciting time for many of us. Moreover, when the question’s been popped, a party often follows. Traditionally, parents of the couple host the engagement party, but these days the […]

lakeside wedding

I’m just about the only Jew I know who never attended summer camp, but for those of my friends who did go away to camp, they look back on the experience with great fondness. Thoughts of color war, bond fires, afternoon cookies and milk, and songs like Im Tirtzu bring back of flood of memories for them. It’s […]


Many people say that married life can’t be one continuous honeymoon and they’re right. However, you can begin your married life with one magical honeymoon trip. Done right, this trip can set the tone for the whole of your married life. Following is a simple guide to planning your honeymoon. Think of Your Activities Your […]

planning for a wedding

I found during my wedding planning research that most couples spend about 50% of their budget on food and drinks, 10% each on flowers and attire, and 10-15% for photography. The rest is spent on extras like music, ceremony site fees, transportation, and gifts. My fiance and I are paying for the wedding ourselves and […]

diamond ring proposal in car

Five years. That’s how long Rick and I have been together. Four-and-a-half years. That’s how long we have been living together. In other words, people have been asking us when we’re getting married for a long time. Now we finally have an answer: this December. Rick and I last Thanksgiving. Getting him to smile for the camera […]

diamond ring proposal

The bridal look would not be complete without the accessories to enhance and accent the outfit. Jewelry is a must in every bride’s accessory list, and the headpiece is by far the most understated, though important ornamentation which the bride can wear on the wedding day. There are numerous varieties and styles of the headpiece […]