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The bridal look would not be complete without the accessories to enhance and accent the outfit. Jewelry is a must in every bride’s accessory list, and the headpiece is by far the most understated, though important ornamentation which the bride can wear on the wedding day. There are numerous varieties and styles of the headpiece to consider, and it may take some time before any woman can decide on which to go for.

But if the intended effect for the headpiece is one of quaint elegance, not of overstatement, then the bridal comb is the best accessory which meets the purpose. Bridal combs are simple hair accessories which are normally opted for because of their functional use, rather than for ornamentation.

They are meant to keep the hair gathered neatly away from the face, either by holding them in chignons, to control tresses, or to keep a hair twist and bun in place. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they cannot be ornamented with precious stones, just like other jewelry. Actually, the types of precious and semi-precious stones which can accent the bridal comb are only limited by the bride’s fancy.

Diamonds are the undisputed favorite in bridal comb ornamentation. They are classic symbols of everlasting love and eternal commitment. Diamonds vary in shape and size (and also in color), but for the bridal comb, small, intricately cut pieces arrayed in elegant pattern across the length of the comb will provide the best effect.

The light will play on the myriads of little mirrors, and will add sparkle to the blushing aura exuded by the bride. Whether it is synthetic or the real thing, diamonds don’t disappoint in lending the accent piece a touch of classic gracefulness.

Rhinestones come in second when it comes to wedding chic. These are diamond simulants which are crafted out of acrylic, crystal from rock sources, or glass. Rhinestones are the recent craze, as everyone from fashion icons to Hollywood celebrities can’t seem to get enough of its sparkle. One of the more popular variants of the rhinestone is the Swarovski crystal, a high-end brand of lead crystal glass accents which are precision-cut and produced by a Swiss-based company of jewelers and other precision products, Swarovski AG.

Pearl comes as close third as a popular bridal comb accent. Pearls are universally adored by women because of their sublime luster and subtle elegance. Pearls can be obtained in a variety of colors, especially with the cultured ones which can be cured with every possible color shade. They are best arranged on the comb in differing sizes for dramatic effect, but the largest piece should not be too big as to make the accessory gaudy in appearance.

Apart from the big three, there is also a wide variety of gemstones to choose from, not excluding rubies, sapphires, emeralds, and turquoise. The bride may also choose to accent the comb with her birthstone, lending a romantic appeal to an otherwise plainly aesthetic accessory. The following are the birthstones in the same order as the months they correspond to, beginning with January: garnet, amethyst, aquamarine, topaz, emerald, moonstone, ruby, peridot, sapphire, opal, citrine, and turquoise. Make a statement, and accent the bridal comb with a precious stone distinctive of your personality.