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Musings of a bride 6 months from the big day!

Posted by Courtney S.

usMy fiance & me at a friend’s wedding on October 3, 2009 in Bucks County, PA.

With just about 6 months until our vows, the pressure is beginning to build. We have all of our major vendors booked and we’re now working on the details. I’ve enjoyed every second of wedding plans and I’m beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. We finished up all of our paper products and I’m in love with our invitations. We’re finishing up the guest list and getting ready to see the envelopes to the calligrapher. It’s all starting to feel so.. real.

I am ecstatic for the upcoming weekend – my mom and sister are throwing me a bridal shower!! I begged for no surprise so I can help with the details (I’m allowed to do the centerpieces, yay!). My future Mother-in-law and Sister-in-law are coming into town from Florida on Thursday. I also have a few girlfriends coming into town for the weekend and Saturday is the big day! We have about 55 guests coming to celebrate at my local favorite Italian restaurant. I’m really looking forward to having all my favorite women in one room!

Later that night, my best friends are throwing me a bachelorette party. I’ve been kept in the dark about all details but I fully except a crazy night – my girlfriends are fabulous! I am having 10 bridesmaids – my sister is my maid of honor, my two sister-in-laws, my fiance’s sister and 6 of my best friends. While this may seem insane to some, I can’t imagine it any other way. These ladies have always been there and I can’t imagine my wedding day without them by my side.

Cheers to a stress-free week and a great ladies weekend. I’ll be sure to return with pictures!!

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Surprise, Surprise!

Posted by Polina F.

ShowerGirlMy cousin’s daughter – the life of the party!

Last weekend my mom and sister threw me a surprise bridal shower. Even after helping my mom plan my sister’s surprise bridal shower a few weeks back, I was still surprised by my own!

It all started three months ago when my fiancé Jake told me we were invited to his friend’s BBQ on July 25th and that I should save the date. For weeks leading up to the shower, Jake talked about how excited he was to see his friend because they hadn’t seen each other in a really long time.  Little did I know that the “BBQ” was the day of my bridal shower, and they were just setting the stage for the surprise.

My mom called me a few days before the ”BBQ” and said that I had to come over to her house on July 25th to be fitted for a bridesmaids dress for my sisters wedding, which is a few weeks before mine.  She said the seamstress was not available any other day.  Jake heard the conversation and suggested we stop by my parent’s in the early afternoon and then make the  BBBQ later in the day. That sounded logical, and I didn’t suspect a thing. [Read more →]

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Ooooh, Ahhhh!

Posted by Polina F.

Cake from Bruno's Bakery

This is a really busy summer for me and my family. Not only am I planning my wedding, but my sister is planning her September wedding as well. The first of our wedding related events took place this past weekend, when we held my sister’s bridal shower. My mom worked so hard–decorating the house, inviting all the guests and cooking up a storm. And you wouldn’t believe how many bridal shower decorations you can find at Michaels, that store has lots of DIY decorations! We got an awesome cake from Bruno’s, our local bakery. If you are ever in Staten Island, New York and are in need of something sweet check out Bruno’s!

My mom and I tried to think of something cool to do at the bridal shower rather than the regular games, and my fiancé Jake gave us a great idea–he suggested that we hire a sushi chef to teach the guests how to make sushi. After many phone calls to multiple culinary schools and restaurants in Manhattan, we finally found a sushi chef who would come to Staten Island. The only problem we ran in to was that his English was not that great! Despite that, he was still a big hit. He made us fresh sushi and demonstrated various sushi making techniques, and all the guests received a gift bag with sushi making utensils.

What really made my sister‘s shower special was that her very best friends from sleep way camp wrote songs and toasts for her and serenaded her during the shower. They took all their favorite camp songs and made up cute lyrics that represented my sister and her fiancé. It was so touching. It really was a beautiful shower and my sister really appreciated it. And yes, towards the end of the shower we opened gifts and everyone oohed and ahhed :)

me and my sister at her bridal shower
My sister and me at her bridal shower

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