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How To: The Secret to My Budget Wedding

Posted by Asia A.


Weddings are a wonderful. Two people coming together to publicly state their love and join two families into one, what can be better than that? But, weddings aren’t cheap, they’re notoriously expensive. When’s the last time you ate a $2,000 cake? While I can’t afford a celebration fit for the pages of Martha Stewart Weddings, I feel that we can still have our beautiful cake, and eat it, too. The question is how to avoid spending a king’s ransom on a wedding!

The first thing I did: Prioritize. When I put together my budget, I made a list of all the little things that I wanted for my wedding that would make this day uniquely “us”. DIY is all the rage now, and I am all for that – I love to just sit down and make stuff! But, because I’ve been sitting down and making stuff for quite some time, I know that time and effort is just as valuable as what’s in my wallet, and just because you can do it yourself doesn’t mean you should do it yourself. I think that’s something many couples don’t really take in to consideration – that when you spend your evening crunching your numbers, you need to also budget all the time you spend doing things yourself. For those little crafty touches that I don’t want to do myself (like stamping 150 escort cards), I’m turning to Etsy!

But, back to our list of priorities… The wedding industry has seriously blurred the lines between wants and needs. A wedding is a very special day, and I can’t wait for mine, but I’m trying to keep in mind that everything I want to have at my wedding is not necessarily everything I need. We’re pretty conditioned by society to want a poofy white dress and awesome shoes and silk this and taffeta that and if you don’t have these things Your Special Day is Ruined with a capital “R”. But I’m going to tell you a secret. Come a little closer. A little more…
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Closed on Sundays

Posted by DJ

Spend any amount of time on wedding websites, and you’ll come across this common money saving tip: Get married on a Sunday. Since we’re holding our Jewish wedding during the summer and the sun sets so late, we don’t really have a choice in the matter and were forced to follow this advice. What those wedding websites neglect to mention is that this little gem of an idea doesn’t work if your entire city has never heard of a Sunday wedding — let alone a Jewish one!


The view from the interstate when you’re driving in from New Orleans

For the first month or so of wedding planning, I would contact potential vendors and always get the same response: “You told me June 28th – that’s a Sunday, I think you meant June 27th.” Thanks but I think I know the date of my own wedding! I quickly learned to specify Sunday, June 28th.

In Louisiana, Sunday is considered an “off-day” for a wedding. Neither our venue, caterer, or photographer cut us any slack for our Sunday wedding. One bakery refused to even do business with me once she heard the wedding was on a Sunday. The bakery we’ve decided to use charges an extra $300 for a Sunday delivery – that’s more than the cupcakes themselves cost! (FYI- We’re getting them delivered Saturday and storing them in someone’s refrigerator.)


Our deer hunting cupcakes… just kidding!

My current frustration is trying to find someone to do my hair. I think I called every salon in town, and they all gave me the same line: “Um, we’re closed on Sundays… but I’ll talk to the stylists, see if anyone is interested, and call you back.” It’s been 2 weeks and I’ve heard from 3 places. One girl sounded really, really irritated and was planning to charge me a ridiculous extra fee – not the type of person I want to be dealing with on my wedding day! The other two sounded promising, but all required an additional fee for working on a Sunday. Oy.


Me at age 7: THIS is why my hair desperately needs professional help!

And my final, slightly irrational concern has to do with alcohol. I’m not sure if this is common in other places or if it’s unique to our area, but until recently you were only allowed to buy beer and wine on Sundays – the liquor section of the grocery stores were roped off. I’m still a little worried that the police will shut down our party once they see people enjoying themselves on what is apparently the city-wide day of rest. I’ll be sure to keep you posted on what happens!

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