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Is It Alright to Use a Chuppah If You’re Not Jewish?

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This episode of the TV show The Gilmore Girls brings up a good point – is it okay to use a chuppah in your wedding ceremony if you are not Jewish? In Judaism, the chuppah (Jewish wedding canopy) is highly symbolic and essential to a Jewish wedding ceremony. A chuppah is representative of the home that the couple will build together, and its tent-like structure with open sides is also meant to encourage the couple to follow in the hospitable ways of Abraham and Sarah, whose tent was always open to guests.  Nowadays the chuppah is growing in popularity among many non-Jewish couples who love the look, or appreciate its significance. What are your thoughts about the growing trend of non-Jewish couples using a chuppah in their wedding ceremony?

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Q & A: What is a Chuppah?

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The chuppah is an integral part of the Jewish wedding ceremony. Chuppah (also spelled chuppah, chuppa, or huppah) literally means a canopy or a covering. Traditionally, it consists of a cloth, sheet, or a tallit, supported by four poles which are sometimes carried by attendants to the ceremony. A chuppah is symbolic of the home that the wedding couple will build together. That there are no walls in this new home, encourages the couple to follow in the ways of Abraham and Sarah, whose tent was always open to guests.

Are you trying to decide on a style of chuppah for your wedding? Browse our chuppah photo gallery where you’ll find an abundance of inspiration. If you’re already married, consider adding your chuppah to our photo gallery!

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More than S’mores: Unique Touches for Camp Weddings

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Throughout the week, we’ve been highlighting camp weddings and sharing some tips from the experts. I thought it would also be fun to pull together some ideas for unique touches to add to these camp wedding celebrations.

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5. What is camp without Color War? These custom made Color War T-Shirts are
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6. Use these Wood Journals as guest books to capture the memories of your big
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7. Imagine exchanging vows under the sky and trees depicted in this glorious Nature’s
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