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I’ve Shrunk Myself!

Posted by Mara O.

So many women try to lose weight for their weddings. They get an engagement ring on their finger, and frantically try to be at their thinnest for their big day… but my journey started over three years ago, and while yes, I’d like to lose a bit more weight before our wedding in November, I’m in this for the long haul–not just for my white dress!

My own food and cooking blog has been instrumental in helping me “stick with it” this time, as I’m constantly coming up with new recipes and food ideas to keep things fresh, rather than getting bored like I have in the past. My weight loss story is below… by no means am I a registered dietitian or nutritionist, but rather a normal woman trying to get myself to my healthiest point.

I was born small, 5 lbs 7 ounces to be exact, and I was a full-term healthy baby.

Just days old...

Just days old...

I always loved food, and was always adventurous in my tastes. I can remember being about seven years-old, on a road trip and going to a nice restaurant. My four year old sister ordered age appropriate macaroni and cheese. I ordered a filet mignon–medium rare, and roasted vegetables. We always got to choose our birthday dinner, and my mom would make whatever it was we chose. For my eight birthday, what did I choose? Steamed Asian sesame whitefish with sauteed spinach!

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July 6, 2009   7 Comments