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Slainte! (That’s “Cheers” in Irish)

Posted by DJ

Our wedding was about three weeks ago, and although things did not go perfectly, we had a wonderful time and hey, we’re married! I can’t wait to get my pictures back and start blogging about our big, fat Jewish wedding but for now I’ll just share a funny story from our honeymoon in Ireland.

While on line for a pub crawl in Dublin, we were participating in one of our favorite activities, eavesdropping.  An older couple was in front of us, and the wife was talking to the cashier. Yoni leaned over to me and whispered, “I bet she’s Jewish.”

Something some of you may not understand is that seeing another Jewish person is really, really exciting for Jews in our part of the country.  Southern Jews have an automatic, unspoken bond and I’m not sure if that excitement translates to those of you in places with a large Jewish population.  I think we spent a good chunk of our vacation in New York last summer gleefully pointing out people on the Subway wearing kippot. But I digress…

I thought about the couple in front of us and agreed that they “seemed” Jewish.  And that was the end of that – they went off and we promptly forgot about them.

Two weeks later we were eating dinner at a pub in a tiny town on the opposite coast of the country.  I had my back to the door, and Yoni’s eyes lit up.  “It’s the couple from the pub crawl!”

We started chatting with them over the unlikely circumstances that we had seen them two weeks ago across the country, and it was purely small talk until Yoni coyly asked the gentleman where his accent was from. (We had recognized his accent as Israeli from the moment he sat down.)  He told us that he was Israeli, and Yoni mentioned that he was born there, we shared our incredibly Jewish names and all of the sudden we were best friends.  Our talk went from “So, the Irish are really bad drivers, huh?”  to Yoni receiving valuable advice about practicing medicine from the older gentleman, who it turns out is a world renowned physician.  We talked to the couple for around two hours and left them with huge hugs; they were like family.

As a song I learned at summer camp points out, Wherever you go, there’s always someone Jewish…

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Jamaican Me Crazy!

Posted by Courtney S.

Couples Negril

Couples Negril

“Happiness consists of living each day as if it were the first day of your honeymoon and the last day of your vacation.” – Unknown

Wedding planning is sometimes comprised of moments of pure anxiety coupled with days of worry. Planning the honeymoon? Easy as pie! Initially, our ideas for our week of post-wedding bliss had included Costa Rica, Aruba and Hawaii. I was game for any place with a beach, sun, food, and fruity drinks. Josh wanted the same, plus varying activities. (I could lie on a beach for days, but he lasts about 5 minutes and is ready to move on to something else.)

The Pool at Couples Negril

The Pool at Couples Negril

Using several websites, as well as family and friend’s recommendations, we narrowed down our choices. I contacted a travel agent who insisted I look into Jamaica, specifically the Couples resorts. After clicking through picture after picture portraying utter paradise, and reading hundreds (perhaps thousands?) of great reviews, I was sold. The resort we chose, Couples Negril, is completely meant for a couple of honeymooners like us looking for a week of relaxation.

A room at Couples Negril

A Room at Couples Negril

While I love every bit of wedding planning and I can’t wait for our wedding day, I think we’ll both be (more then) ready for a week of unwinding afterward. It will be so lovely to spend an entire week away from the world and with my brand new hubby! Jamaica, here we come!!!

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Posted by Polina F.


My fiancé and I just got back from a great vacation in Florida. We went to Key Largo, Key West and Del Ray Beach where we stayed with his brother.  It was so relaxing; we went swimming, snorkeling and ate amazing seafood.  I would highly recommend the Florida keys if you need a short, relaxing vacation and you like water sports related activities.

On the way back from vacation my fiancé says, “You know where I really want to go on my honeymoon? Brazil! Its so exotic and romantic.” Brazil?!?! We had been discussing the honeymoon prior to our vacation and had a few options selected: Hawaii, Costa Rica, Brazil. I thought Brazil was just thrown in there for the mix. I did not think he was really serious about it when he first mentioned it. I am a little nervous about traveling to Brazil, as I hear its not the safest country.  I am also not sure how much time we have for the honeymoon. I start a new job in a few weeks and I have ten days of vacation for this year, so I’m not sure if I can take off for more than one week or two weeks in a row. How much time does one really need to explore Brazil?

In my head, I picture a honeymoon to be very romantic with moonlight walks on the beach, candlelight dinners, hiking in beautiful nature and lots of relaxing. Can I do this in Brazil? I have been doing some research, but the country seems really huge, and I’m not sure where we would go in the given time frame and what we could do there.

Has anyone been to Brazil and have any suggestions on where we could stay and what we could do if we were to honeymoon there?

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Posted by DJ

My fiancé and I love road trips.






The first two pictures were taken on our first adventure, a two week journey from Louisiana to California, and back again to visit my brother and his family in Louisiana.  The next three are from a month long trip that included stops in Florida, Tennessee, DC, Boston, Philadelphia, NYC, Niagara Falls and Chicago, to name a few.

Not only do we love combining multiple destinations into one vacation, by mid-May, we are pretty much sick of warm Louisiana weather.  Around here, the temperature reaches into the mid 80’s with 100% humidity by late March.   Needless to say, unlike most honeymooners, sipping fruity cocktails at a tropical resort does translate into the trip of a lifetime to us.

It’s only fitting that our honeymoon take us on a road-trip around one of the dreariest places in the world:  Ireland!  We’ll be renting a car and making a loop of Southern Ireland, starting and ending in Dublin.  Luckily, my fiance is half British so he’s got right-side driving in his blood.  On our to-do list: surfing, horseback riding on the beach, a fjord cruise, hiking, biking, and lots of time spent in pubs visiting with the locals and listening to traditional Irish music.  Check out a few of the places we’ll be visiting:




Has anyone else vacationed in Ireland? Any tips?

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