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The Judaica Wedding Registry: Seder Plates

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Passover is just around the corner, and if you are planning to register for wedding gifts, consider registering for a Seder plate!  There are some really unique Seder plates out there – from classic to funky.  Seder plates are not only useful during the Passover holiday, but they truly embody the meaning of “functional art.” I’ve rounded up some of my personal favorites with details on where you can register or purchase:

1. Moon Crater Seder Plate

This Seder plate design is inspired by the craters on the moon’s surface and is crafted out of polished aluminum by designer Laura Cowan.  Handmade in Israel. $199 at

2. Folding Seder Plate
This beautifully hand-painted design by Isreali Artist Yair Emanuel folds up in to a cube for compact storage or travel.  Each item is hand painted with acrylic colors and lacquered with several layers. $134.95 at

3. Celestial Bronze Seder Plate
Like thousands of stars sparkling in the sky, this golden bronze, fused flat plate is fashioned of copper and glass, with six clear dishes that rest atop a black metal stand.  It is designed by artist Sara Beames and handmade. There is also a matching matzah plate! $148 at

4. The Jewish Museum Vienna Seder Plate
This is a beautiful reproduction of a Seder plate from Vienna, c. 1900. Extremely popular at the time– porcelain exported by the Chinese inspired both the blue and white color scheme as well as the decorative elements. Vines, blossoms and birds perch on branches surround a center Star of David, with six heart-shaped indentations that hold the symbolic Seder foods. Made in England for The Jewish Museum of New York. $175 at

5. Red Pomegranate Seder Plate
Glossy red ceramic Seder plate is hand made by Dani Goren in Israel. The Seder plate has six little pomegranate dishes for your Seder foods. There is also a matching matzah plate! $118 at

6. Tall Vertical Seder Plate
Copper, gold, brass, fused glass, and other metals combine in this modern Seder plate design by Artist Gary Rosenthal. Like a stairway to heaven, the Seder dishes spiral gently upwards, with the names of the Seder foods silk screened in gold on the fused glass.   $300 at

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Lag B’Omer : A Day for Weddings!

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If ever there were a day for weddings, today would be the day!  As the Torah says in Leviticus, we are to count the 49 days between Passover and Shavuot, the amount of time that passed between the Jews’ physical emancipation from Egypt and the spiritual liberation of receiving Torah at the foot of Mount Sinai.  This is known as The Counting of the Omer.  The 1st 32 days are considered a period of mourning when Jewish weddings and other celebrations are discouraged. Why? As the story goes, the great Rabbi Akiva was known to have brilliant students, however they let their ego’s get out of hand and did not show each other proper respect. As a result, 24,000 of Rabbi Akiva’s students were killed by a heaven sent plague.   Each year, we observe a period of mourning in remembrance.  Jews celebrate on the 33rd day of the Omer because it is the day that this plague ended. Because today, on Lag B’Omer, it is the 1st opportunity in a month to wed, many couples take advantage of the happy and spiritual nature of the day by choosing it as their wedding day. Since marriage is a time of utmost happiness for a couple, why not choose a day that symbolizes great happiness for the Jewish people as well?

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