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Hava Nagila of the Month: Baby Let’s Dance!

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Our latest Hava Nagila of the month took the top spot on the UK music pop charts and became a bestseller on Christmas Day in 2007! This catchy modern rendition of the song is sung by then 17 year-old Lauren Rose.

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Hava Nagila of the Month: Figure Skating

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Did you ever think that you’d see someone do a triple axel to the music of the Hava Nagila? Neither did I, but watch as Russian figure skater Evgeni Plushenko skates to the Hava Nagila for his short program at the 1999 World Figure Skating Championship. It’s Jewish Wedding Network’s  Hava Nagila of the Month!

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Hava Nagila of the Month: Neil Diamond

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Neil Diamond sang Hava Nagila in not one, but two films. He first sang the song in the movie The Jazz Singer in 1980, and then in the film Keeping Up With the Steins over 25 years later!

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Hava Nagila of the Month: Ben Folds

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If you’re a fan of Ben Folds, you’re sure to love this version of the Hava Nagila which he played at a concert at Charter One Pavilion in Chicago.  Enjoy this Hava Nagila of the month!

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Nice Jewish Music

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Having a band rather than a DJ is important to us, and having a band that can play the Hava Negila is especially important – there’s just something about inserting a CD for the most exciting song of the reception that doesn’t sit well with us.

My first instinct was to hire my favorite band from college. They’re one of those bands that does the perfect cover of both Van Morrison and Ludacris, and whose gigs have been the destination on many a Friday night for me and my friends. Although they didn’t know the Hava Negila, they were willing to learn it for us. Ultimately, I realized that as much as it pained me to admit it, this wasn’t college and our guest list consists mostly of older Jewish relatives – not exactly the college bar scene audience.

Our search took us outside of the city down to New Orleans, where Judaism isn’t as much of a rarity. There are three reform temples, two JCCs, and at least one band that knows Hava Negila: The Panorama Jazz Band (PJB).

The band had performed for Simchat Torah at our synagogue one year, and although I was not in attendance,  I was aware that they existed. I checked out their webpage, and not only do they have an impressive playlist of Jewish music, they are also technically a New Orleans jazz band. Since we can’t let our guests sample traditional Louisiana fare like crawfish etouffe or shrimp and grits, we figured we would treat them to a different facet of Louisiana culture, the music. In addition to playing at our reception, The PJB will also serve as our ceremony musicians.

Since PJB doesn’t typically play much popular music, we had a few decisions to make about our first dance. We could either choose an actual style of song and learn the dance (waltz, foxtrot), or we could ask the band to learn a song of our choosing. From the beginning of our wedding planning, choosing a song has proven to be one of our biggest challenges. We don’t have “a song” per se, but I wanted the song we chose for our first dance to have some kind of personal meaning.

Eventually, I realized that there was one band whose music seemed to follow us around. See, my fiancé and I love to travel and don’t mind long drives. Our longest trips were a two week vacation that involved driving from Louisiana to Los Angeles, and a month long road trip from Louisiana up to Toronto via NYC and Boston, and back down through Chicago. On both of our journeys, my fiance’s iPod contained every Beatles song you could imagine – and luckily, the PJB knows a few of their songs. We chose “Something”, and I’m excited to hear PBJ’s jazz rendition of it… I’m crossing my fingers that their talent will overshadow our lack of dancing skills!

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