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Q & A: What is the Meaning of “Bashert”?

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Being that you’ve found your mate, you might have been hearing the word bashert more frequently. It’s a word that I love so much, I worked it in to my JDate profile name back in the day.  My husband and I joke about the fact that when we met on JDate, he didn’t know what bashert meant– but he soon learned, both literally and figuratively.

Bashert is a Yiddish word that when translated means “destiny” or “fate.” It is often used in the context of a relationship to describe one’s soulmate.  According to the Talmud our bashert is pre-destined– 40 days before a  child is conceived, a voice from the heavens announces who his perfect match will be.  Therefore, a bashert is literally a match made in heaven!

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Q & A: What is Mevushal Wine?

Posted by The Mrs.

If you’re having a kosher wedding, you might have heard the term “meshuval wine.” Mevushal wine (also known as meshuval wine)  is not a brand of wine, but rather a process by which the wine is made.

The process of making any wine begins with the grapes.  For kosher wine, the grapes may be grown and picked by any individual regardless of whether they keep kosher or not, but once the grapes reach the plant to be crushed and bottled, the wine-making process must be handled by Sabbath-observant Jews. This process is under strict rabbinical supervision, making sure every detail in the wine-making process complies with kosher law.  Even after the wine is bottled, it must only be uncorked and poured by someone who is Jewish in order to remain kosher.

A mevushal wine is one that goes through the extra step of pasteurization.  (Mevushal means “to boil” in Hebrew.) After the wine goes through the pasteurization process, it may be handled by anyone and not lose its kosher status. For instance, if a non-Jewish waiter were to open a bottle and pour your guests wine, the wine would still be deemed kosher.

The good news is that most kosher wines made in the US are mevushal, so you should have no trouble finding mevushal wine for your wedding!

Illustration by Sari Victoria

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