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Spreading the Word

Posted by DJ

The first order of business in getting the word out about our wedding were Save the Date cards.  Since my fiancé rarely has a free moment (he’s a first year medical student) and we live four hours away from our photographer,  we weren’t able to take the formal engagement pictures that were offered in our photographer’s package and that we intended to include with our Save The Dates . We really wanted a current photo of ourselves on the save the dates though, so we had to improvise.  One particularly humid day, we headed out to a local art gallery and park to try and capture the essence of “us”:


As you can tell, it didn’t quite go as planned.  After 30 minutes we were sweating, the top 2 buttons of my dress broke off, and my fiancé and I were about to kill each other. So we called it a day and packed up.  When I uploaded the pictures later that day, I realized there was one shot that wasn’t half bad.  It was the one that ended up on our Save the Dates:


We printed these through, whose coupons are a valuable resource.  These were free, I just paid for shipping.  On the back, we included our accommodation information.   At the bottom of the card, we directed our guests to our wedding website {the address shown is not the actual address, though it was our first choice} which I created on Google Sites and bought the domain name for at (which was really hard for me, given how much I loathe their commercials).


After going back and forth on design options for several months, quadruple checking the Hebrew, and catching a few printing snafus (I forgot to include the time of the ceremony!), we finally sent our invitations out a few weeks ago:


I cannot lie, I’ve been slacking.  I haven’t sent them all out.  There is one envelope left, addressed to Mr. Jon Stewart, whom we definitely don’t know.  My fiance thinks he’ll at least send a note.  I just smile and nod.

May 14, 2009   3 Comments

Dates Will Be Saved!

Posted by Mara O.
Our Save-The-Date!

Our Save-The-Date!

It started months ago. We booked our wedding venue for 11/28/2009 and promptly started to worry about the fact that our wedding falls on Thanksgiving weekend. What if people are going out of town for Thanksgiving? What if the people we really want to come our wedding can’t come? What if… then we took a deep breath, and realized there was a remedy to this perceived problem:  Save The Date cards!

Everyone and their mother sends Save the Dates nowadays, but originally they were designed for weekends such as, oh, Thanksgiving weekend, so people can plan ahead and attend whatever event is called for to save the date. We started looking into Save the Date ideas. Emails? No, too impersonal. Regular cards? Nope, more likely to get lost. What would be a bit more “permanent” in peoples’ minds? Magnets! I found a company that allowed custom designs to be uploaded then printed on a magnet, so I went ahead and designed our Save the Date “cards.” We decided on the one in the picture above and about a week later, 100 magnets arrived in our mailbox!

Was it that easy? Stick a magnet in an envelope and… crap. Addresses. We needed lots of addresses. Many people don’t worry about addresses until invitation time, but alas, we had to get them and get them NOW. Facebook became our best friend! AAH then another realization: we had no envelopes. Nor did we want to just stick a magnet in an envelope for fear it would get lost. Enter my friend, who with her sister, runs a stationery store. She got me card stock and envelopes for very little money, and I set out assembling magnet-on-cardstock-stuffed-in-envelopes.

Finally, months later, it’s time to send out our Save the Dates. The stacks of envelopes are sitting here ready to get dropped in the mailbox tomorrow. It’s real now… WE’RE GETTING MARRIED!!!

April 30, 2009   3 Comments