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DJ and Yoni: The Ceremony (Part 1)

Posted by DJ

Sorry for the delay! I’m back with some ceremony pictures and I’ll let the pictures do most of the talking here.  But imagine us walking down the aisle to Erev Shel Shoshanim and Dodi Li, as performed by our seven piece jazz band.

First down the aisle were Yoni and his parents.  Our Rabbi was already at the chuppah.


Followed by our bridesmaids and groomsmen
(Yoni’s brother and best friend, and my two best friends.)



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All in the Keppie

Posted by Elisheva S.

A lot has been going on the last few weeks. My wedding is less than two months away.  We decided in the end to hold the wedding at the Jewish Community Center in Milwaukee. The reception will be in the Soref Community Hall and the chuppah will be in a gorgeous garden outside. I’m not sure yet where the kabolas ponim and the chosson’s tish will be. We went with this venue in the end because they’re in the middle of finishing up renovations to the hall to make it more elegant and are offering an innovation special among other things.

I’ve also been trying to decide how I will do my hair and make-up and who will do it. This isn’t something I’ve given much thought to before but I guess it’s a necessary evil. A month or two ago I bought an ivory handmade veil off of from StitchedForYou’s shop. I looked around a bit online until I decided to take the plunge and buy this veil. It’s at least $50.00 less than all the other veils I’ve found. I was pleasantly surprised at how nice it was when I received it. It’s not too perfect, which makes it perfect for me. It also came with a gorgeous beaded comb.il_430xN.38481194

My veil and comb from

I was planning on just wearing the veil with the comb with my hair in a low bun until last night when I found this also on in thehoneycomb’s shop.

il_430xN.81403020The floral comb

I really loved how organic and vintage it looks. I wasn’t sure if it was too much though to wear with my veil and my dress. I’m rather low fuss. But I decided since my dress is very simple and plain that the comb wouldn’t be too fussy and bought it in the end.

I think I want to wear my hair like the model in this picture yet also wear my veil without the pearl comb, but I’m not sure how. Should I wear it to the side like the model and pin the veil beneath my hair? Or use the floral comb to hold up my veil in the back?


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7 Wedding Dresses Later…

Posted by DJ

At this point in my 23 month engagement, I have owned 7 wedding dresses. Yep, you read that correctly–I’m a 7 dress bride. I’m almost the Henry Vlll of white dresses. Allow me to give you a little back story and introduce you to my conquests:

When I got engaged, I was excited about every little detail of wedding planning– tasting cakes, mapping out DIY projects, picking postage for reply cards–pretty much everything, except wedding dress shopping. For some reason, I just wanted to get it over with. I was convinced I was too much of an ice princess to have that tearful “THIS IS THE ONE!” moment. I’ve also inherited my mom’s bargain shopping expertise and challenged myself to buy the cheapest wedding dress possible. So when I heard that my favorite store in the entire world, TARGET, sold wedding dresses… oh, it was on.

Dress #1


I ordered this dress at for the low low price of $90.00. Part of me wanted it just so I could tell people that I bought my wedding dress for less than a hundred dollars. My future mother-in-law and one of my bridesmaids were with me when I tried it on, and agreed that it looked good on me… but in hindsight, none of us were too excited. Again, I just figured I wasn’t sappy enough to be excited about a dress. {FYI – That thing around my waist is my future mother-in-law’s scarf used as a stand-in sash}

Dress #2


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His Dudes Won’t Wear Anything Floral

Posted by Maya E.

Thank you everyone for your help selecting an image for our invitations!  We decided to go with the image of Loren proposing to me. Here is what Loren and I came up with after merging our designs:

I asked my bridesmaids to wear black, because I figured everyone would have a black dress and that way they wouldn’t need to buy anything new. Each of them will have a different color flower in their hair (naturally in rainbow order). Loren is having his groomsmen wear black suits, white shirts- slightly open with no tie, and Converse All Stars. I wanted his groomsmen’s boutonnieres to match my bridesmaids flowers, but he wasn’t having it :)  He said his dudes weren’t going to wear anything floral!

maya's threads
I love things in rainbow order. These are some spools from my art studio.

As for my own dream off-white mermaid cut/ sevillana style wedding dress…  it still  has to wait another two weeks… My thesis exhibition opens May 8th, I graduate May 15th, then on May 16th I will FINALLY go wedding dress shopping!

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