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Let Them Eat CAKE!

Posted by Mara O.

No, not our cake

No, not our cake!

This past Tuesday was our wedding cake tasting!! We are working with The Baking Institute, a bakery that works closely with our venue. A couple months ago, Adam and I selected three flavors of cake and three flavors of icing that we wanted to try, and they put them together in samples for us. My mom, sister, Adam and I were eager to try them all!

From left: red velvet cake with raspberry custard; marble cake with vanilla buttercream; white cake with lemon custard

Each one was delicious, but there were 2 combos that stuck out as particularly fantastic: the red velvet with raspberry (pink on pink!) and marble cake with lemon custard. I dipped some of the marble in the lemon custard to try it, and it was AMAZING. We decided to go with a 3-tier cake: bottom tier is red velvet/raspberry; middle tier is marble/lemon; top tier (that we don’t share!) is red velvet with white chocolate mousse. The design is going to be a lovely combination of these two cakes:

200909221926.jpg 200909221927.jpg
We’ll be topping our cake with a Shrek and Fiona cake topper…but that’s a story for another day!

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