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Modest Wedding Dresses – A New Trend?

Posted by The Mrs.


Ever since Ivanka Trump walked down the aisle in a demure wedding dress with lace sleeves, the fashion world has been buzzing about the impact her dress will have on the wedding industry.  Sexy gowns and low plunging necklines have been all the rage for the past few years, but modesty looks to be making a comeback.   “We’re so used to seeing brides in strapless dresses that Ms. Trump’s gown made a fresh statement,” wrote New York Times fashion critic Cathy Horyn.

Watch an interview with designer Vera Wang speaking about Ivanka Trump’s custom made wedding dress here.

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November 24, 2009   8 Comments

My Visit to a Gemach

Posted by Elisheva S.

tenyadMy wedding dress, zipped up in its garment bag

Less than a week after I got engaged I found my wedding dress. I was hoping to get it from a gemach. A gemach is Jewish service where you can borrow items for free or for a small fee. There are gemachs for everything from wedding dresses to baby carriages.

The first place everyone told me to try was Ten Yad. Ten Yad is an organization in New York dedicated to helping brides who don’t have enough money for the basic components of a wedding or setting up a new home. They also have a wedding dress gemach in a basement in Crown Heights, where I went with my future sister-in-law. When you walk down the stairs you see a room lined with pink garment bags, a dressing room, and a mirror.

When I came in one of the girls working there asked me my size and what I was looking for. All I said was “not poofy.” She went through all the dresses in my size that weren’t very poofy and asked me to say “yes” or “no” to each dress. I only said “yes” to a few dresses and the first one I tried on was perfect. Ivory, silk, some detailing on the bodice, three-quarter length sleeves; pretty close to perfect. I was afraid I was making a decision too soon, so I tried on a few more dresses but they looked like they were swallowing me alive!

I decided to take it. It really was a pleasant experience. All you pay the gemach for  is the cleaning fee. Well, I do have to have a zipper put in too, but otherwise it’s wedding ready.

I would post a picture but my chosson reads this blog.

July 31, 2009   2 Comments

Finding The Perfect Wedding Dress

Posted by Courtney S.

“Fashion offers no greater challenge than finding what works for night without looking like you are wearing a costume” – Vera Wang

sex_and_the_city_wedding_dress_01One of my idols:  Miss Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City

The journey to finding my perfect wedding dress began in my living room, where surrounded by nine bridal magazines, a pair of scissors and my wedding planning book, I began my collection. I cut out 32 dresses before I  realized I liked every wedding dress regardless of style. I had no solid direction.  This was a serious problem–I was addicted to every wedding dress created! What direction should I go towards?  A ballgown to embrace my inner princess? A mermaid gown to go with the trends? A trumpet style to show off my curves? What did I want?? I sat staring at the pictures, and decided my next step was to hit a bridal store.

I took along my mother and sister (my best friends and most honest audience) and we embarked on the dress-buying-adventure.  The clerk at the store was amazing and friendly, and most importantly patient. I told her my ideas were all over the place and she started pulling dresses for me. The first dress was awful and huge and comical. Strike 1. The second dress was pretty, but a bit boring for my taste. Strike 2.  (At this point I was certain I would never find a dress I loved.)  Then I put the third dress on and it was love at first sight. I shimmied my body and ran my hands over the ivory silk. This was it. I was in love. I looked around the store, tried on two more dresses, put the first back on, and paid for it the following week.
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7 Wedding Dresses Later…

Posted by DJ

At this point in my 23 month engagement, I have owned 7 wedding dresses. Yep, you read that correctly–I’m a 7 dress bride. I’m almost the Henry Vlll of white dresses. Allow me to give you a little back story and introduce you to my conquests:

When I got engaged, I was excited about every little detail of wedding planning– tasting cakes, mapping out DIY projects, picking postage for reply cards–pretty much everything, except wedding dress shopping. For some reason, I just wanted to get it over with. I was convinced I was too much of an ice princess to have that tearful “THIS IS THE ONE!” moment. I’ve also inherited my mom’s bargain shopping expertise and challenged myself to buy the cheapest wedding dress possible. So when I heard that my favorite store in the entire world, TARGET, sold wedding dresses… oh, it was on.

Dress #1


I ordered this dress at for the low low price of $90.00. Part of me wanted it just so I could tell people that I bought my wedding dress for less than a hundred dollars. My future mother-in-law and one of my bridesmaids were with me when I tried it on, and agreed that it looked good on me… but in hindsight, none of us were too excited. Again, I just figured I wasn’t sappy enough to be excited about a dress. {FYI – That thing around my waist is my future mother-in-law’s scarf used as a stand-in sash}

Dress #2


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June 26, 2009   2 Comments

I Found My Dress!

Posted by Maya E.

Just when I had given up all hope, when I thought I might end up looking like an unsightly birthday cake, it happened…  I walked into BCBG looking for a dress for my rehearsal dinner and there it was…  MY WEDDING DRESS!

Trying on my dress in the BCBG fitting room

As I mentioned earlier, My fiancé Loren will wear all black All Star Chuck sneakers, with a black shirt and black suit (no tie).  His groomsmen will wear white and black Chucks, with a black suits and white shirt (still no ties.) He wants them to look like Yeshiva Bochers which they will- except with Chucks :) I wasn’t originally the biggest fan of the black sash on my dress, but now I think it will go perfectly with the guys’ Chucks and my bridesmaids’ black dresses…

Trying my dress out in the backyard with my doggie Che
Betsey Johnson baby doll

After getting the dress, things just started falling into place.  My girlfriends and I accomplished the daunting task of lingerie shopping.  I have never worn lingerie before, and was honestly somewhat terrified.  We were a bundle of giggles in the dressing room trying to find ANYTHING that I did not find entirely trashy or just plain ugly.  I ended up going with the Betsey Johnson baby doll that we found at Bloomingdale’s. Ladies, I cannot recommend shopping with your girlfriends like this more.  It was such an amazing bonding experience!

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