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I Can’t Seem to Catch a Break!

Posted by Asia A.

If Alanis Morissette wrote her song “Ironic” this past year, she should have definitely included a line about getting the Swine Flu right along with flies in your expensive wine. I’m not sure of the exact number, but something like 60% of the population caught the H1N1 virus this year and I was one of them. And all of this suffering (oh, how I suffered) happened right after I got all four of my wisdom teeth pulled. So, I didn’t even get to enjoy my post-op and drug induced floatiness. Boo. But enough about that, let’s talk weddings!


(photograph taken by Jessica Peterson)

This is totally how I feel right now, in regards to wedding planning. A bit overwhelmed, a bit over my head, a bit like I’m drowning. I’m suspended, not sure where up is, everything is going so slow and I just need a little air. While I was puffy and stuffy, which is such a terrible combination, I got absolutely no wedding planning done. None at all. So, now that we’re about 125 days away, we’re really pressed for time. We have to get everything done twice as fast which is a bit stressful.

Wedding planning has been fun of course, but now that we have to go into overdrive, everything seems to be falling apart. The person who was making my wedding dress? They completely bailed on me. Oh yeah, just dropped off the face of the earth. That is the thing wedding nightmares are made of. But, after a bit of soul searching and eBay searching, I found something else for a bargain. But, that was an ulcer I didn’t need, you know?

As if the Dress Mess and Swine Flu wasn’t enough, I’ve had even more aggravation  thrown my way in the form of  thinly veiled nuggets of anti-Semitism and ignorance. The kind that hurt you for a few days and you think to yourself “Ugh, I should have said such-and-such and that would have shown them”.

But, like any challenge you come across in life, you just have to put on your War Face and Stompin’ Boots. Wedding things are getting done and I still have my fiancé Matt by my side. That’s what really matters. Our wedding rings have been ordered, I hopefully just secured an officiant, I’ve been in regular contact with a photographer, I have all the doodads to send to one of my vendors (I can not wait to make a post about that!), I’ve found a ketubah I actually like, and all of the paper products are nearing their final design. So, things are happening. At just at a bit of a hectic pace.

Hopefully, my next post won’t have a huge gap like this one and the last one did. But, now that things seem to be coming at me at about five hundred miles an hour, I’ll have a lot more to post about!

December 30, 2009   1 Comment

Our First (and Last) Wedding Mishap

Posted by Polina F.

All of my married friends have told me that every wedding includes at least one mishap. Well…

My fiancé Jake and I had a very productive evening last Friday, stuffing our wedding invitation envelopes, addressing them and finally sending them out on Saturday morning. We were at the post-office check out window at 9:00AM as soon as they opened. The attendant at the window was so nice and wished us a hearty congratulations on our wedding. Everything was perfect. My fiancé and I both felt a huge sense of relief once we sent off the invites we did not give them another thought until…

Sunday 7:30 AM:

Jake wakes up and says “Oh crap we f’ed up.” I turn to him and groggily say “What are you talking about, we sent out all the invites?” And then he says, “Yeah but we forgot to put stamps on the response cards.” My heart stopped. “What did you say?” The only thought in mind head was “OY I am really going to hear it from my mother.” I didn’t really panic, I just thought how in the world could I have forgotten to put stamps on the response cards? I have been a bridesmaid in seven weddings, maid-of-honor in two, and attended hundreds of nuptials in my 33 years. “Oh well, it could be worse,” I thought–if this is the only screw up, then I’ll be happy.

Thankfully, we have a wedding website and at 7:45 am on Sunday morning Jake and I set up an online RSVP section on our wedding website. I highly recommend there is a small fee but its worth it, as I’ve found the site to be a great wedding organizing tool for me.

Monday 4:30 PM:

I sent the RSVP link from our wedding website to all of our wedding attendees via email with a cute little note :

We hope you’ve been having a great summer. Our production staff certainly has, therefore our wedding invitations have been sent, without a return stamp on the response card :)
The email also included a link to RSVP online.

Its only been a day but we already have a bunch of people RSVP’s through the online link. I also got some cute emails back from friends and family saying that they want to respond to our wedding the old fashion way, and will buy their own stamps.

On Sunday we were at my uncle’s (who also happens to be a rabbi and our wedding officiant) house for lunch. I told everyone about our “funny” screw up and everyone had a good laugh. My uncle suggested that as a joke we give out stamps as wedding favors. I’m considering it :)

July 15, 2009   2 Comments