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Judaica Wedding Registry: Menorahs

Posted by The Mrs.


If you are planning to register for wedding gifts, you might consider registering for a menorah.  Unlike an ice cream maker or formal china, you know a menorah will come in handy at least eight days a year! Menorahs also make wonderful family heirlooms.  Whether your taste runs traditional or modern, there is a menorah out there to suit everyone’s style.,,,, and are just some of the online shops where you can register for menorahs and other Judaica. Here are some of my favorite picks:

1) This classic modern menorah is a reproduction of one that is part of the permanent collection in The Jewish Museum. Because it is fashioned of argentum pewter, you don’t have to worry about it tarnishing! $250 at The Jewish Museum Shops

2) Nice Jewish Boy Jonathan Adler designed this Relief Menorah – a simple form accented with rippling texture and a matte white glaze. $98 at

3) This hand polished menorah by Nambé is stunning enough to be used as a centerpiece or candelabra year round. $160 at

4) This peace sign menorah is the most affordable of the bunch, and reminds us what is truly important during the holidays. $14 at

5) This pewter baroque style menorah by Quest is hand-painted with enamel and adorned with Austrian crystals. Gorgeous! $270 at

6) At first look, this Olive Branch Menorah by artisan Michael Aram does not appear to be a menorah at all, but at closer inspection you’ll realize that it is designed for the Festival of Lights! $210 at The Jewish Museum Shops

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School Is Out & Wedding Is On!

Posted by Maya E.

Woo hoo! I am done!  I finally finished my MFA!!!

After my graduation, my fiance Loren and I, along with our parents went to our favorite Mexican Resturant in St. Louis,  Mi Ranchito. I wanted to wear my graduation cap all day, but it was so hot that it only lasted through lunch.

After lunch we went to Target to add items to our wedding registry. And yes, I registered and registered, but the only thing that I am still 100% entirely devoted to are these Jade Moon dishes.  I know, I am such a freak, I registered for 4 sets!  But I have been dying to own these dishes for the last 3 years…

I wrote a note on the registry saying that these dishes are what Maya wants MOST!

Then we decided to get creative on and registered for the things that reflect who we are. Our picks included Mahzor Leyamim Nora’im, Halachot of the Ben Ish Hai,  and The Metsudah Midrash Tanchuma.


I have a thing for BIG rings.  I LOVE them, yes I often lose them, but again I LOVE them! Here is a photo taken of me in Madrid in 2005. I think I am wearing 6 rings!


My engagement ring is turquoise, lapiz, and garnet (my birthstone).  We got it from a Swedish hippy named Martin in Guatemala in 2006.


Jamie, my amazing Maid of Honor is trying to help me find a wedding ring.  We haven’t yet found “the one,” but here are some options that she picked out for me. I think we’re getting pretty close.

Tomorrow we go wedding dress shopping. Stay tuned…

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Registration Frustration

Posted by Maya E.

My maid of honor keeps on telling me to only register for things I need. But how do I tell people that the only thing that Loren and I really NEED is help paying back our college tuition?  I now owe a grand spanking $100,000  and this debt is something that I am going to deal with much sooner than the household appliances I am expected to desire.

SAIC Graduation 2007 , celebrating the completion of my BFA and 1/2 my debt

Things we want

How about the Adobe CS4 Master Collection or Final Cut Studio Pro?  These are both things that Loren and I want, but they are REALLY expensive.  So my question is, is it okay to register for things like that, that would require multiple people to go in on together?  Or will people think that we actually think that one person could afford either of these things on their own?

For now I am sticking to simple things.  I registered online at Target, CB2 and My Registry.  At My Registry you can register for anything on any site, so I registered for iWork and iLife.  Somehow I have two registries open at Target and I can’t delete one of them.  The one I can’t seem to be able to delete has a  set of  5 dishes that I thought were pretty and a state of serious madness registered for 5 months ago … these must be deleted!

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