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We’re Joining Up!

Posted by Mara O.


One of the only sources of stress in our otherwise stress-free wedding planning process has been the question of “who is going to marry us?” Originally, my thought was “I’ll call the rabbi who has been a part of every important life cycle event in my family since I was six years old––he’ll marry us, no doubt!” The Rabbi performed my sister’s naming, my consecration, my sister’s Bat Mitzvah, and my grandmother’s funeral. When I called though, he told me he was retiring and moving across the country. Oy.

I asked everyone I knew if they knew of rabbi that could marry us. Their reply? “Well, only if you join our synagogue.” My fiancé and I weren’t about to join a synagogue an hour away and pay $3,000 a year in dues just to be assured a Rabbi for our wedding though.

I called one rabbi, completely desperate and crying because every independent rabbi we found was charging upwards of $1,200 for a 25 minute ceremony in addition to us having to pay their per-plate charge for the reception! The rabbi gave me a couple of other names and numbers to call. After I hung up the phone, my fiancé suggested that we contact the temple just up the road from us before calling the other rabbis on the list.

Fast forward a couple weeks. I called my fiancé after work like I always do, and he didn’t answer his phone. That usually means one of two things: he’s on the phone with his mom, or his phone is on vibrate and he doesn’t hear it ring. He called me back a few minutes later though and said “GUESS WHAT?!”

Apparently, he’d been playing phone tag with the new rabbi from the synagogue up the street. The old rabbi is taking a new position elsewhere, and this new rabbi is taking over in July–so we will, as of right now, be his very first wedding! We really liked the synagogue to boot, and decided to join after visiting and touring! It was right under our noses the entire time.

I’m quite excited, as joining a synagogue somehow seems more “grown up” than getting engaged even did! Maybe it had something to do with wandering around the synagogue and looking at the classrooms, imagining that some day our children will one day study there, or maybe it was the realization that we are indeed getting married!

May 28, 2009   1 Comment

Our Modern Wedding Venues

Posted by DJ

Among the Southern wedding traditions I’m foregoing is the general vibe. No plantation homes or Steel Magnolias-esque affairs here!  The feel I’m going for is modern – somewhere between a cocktail party and formal vibe. No tuxedos, but no jorts please! Our reception venue lends itself nicely to this – it’s on the rooftop of an art gallery overlooking the Mississippi River.

I’ve always loved this rooftop terrace. I often frequent a sushi restaurant located at the top this building which overlooks our rooftop venue. I’ve had my eye on it for a while, and after visiting a museum, a reception hall, and a hotel ballroom which were all deemed too expensive, boring, or generic we realized that this venue fit us perfectly. And the icing on the cake – the building is silver and yellow!

Our ceremony location isn’t too shabby either. The synagogue I’ve been attending since I was ten years old completely renovated their sanctuary last year. This had been a work in progress since 2005 when Rita (Katrina’s little cousin) destroyed the roof. The new sanctuary is contemporary and as you can see, photographs really well.

I wish I could share more details about the setup of our reception but even now, with the wedding two months away, I can’t make a decision to save my life. I still have millions of ideas floating around in my head, all thanks to wedding blogs like this one. If the wedding actually turns out semi close to what I’ve envisioned, I’ll consider the event a success. And even if it doesn’t… I’ll have just married the “Nice Jewish Boy” of my dreams. That’s pretty much all that matters!

April 23, 2009   1 Comment