engagement party

‘Tis the season for engagements. Nearly 70% of engagements happen between the months of December and February, and that makes this winter a very busy and exciting time for many of us. Moreover, when the question’s been popped, a party often follows.

Traditionally, parents of the couple host the engagement party, but these days the fun and responsibility have been spread to other family members, friends, and even the engaged couple themselves. In a season already dedicated to various gift-giving and celebrations, however, some hosts and couples may find it hard to find the means to add another party to the list.

Fortunately, most engagement parties are meant to be informal and are simply an occasion to gather and celebrate a small miracle of love in a chaotic world. The reality that your party had to be thrown on a budget doesn’t have to be known to everyone in attendance. There are simple, hassle-free, and graceful ways of throwing an engagement party on a budget.

First Things First: Invitations

If sending out Evites and other forms of online invitations sounds trite, you can choose to print your own. There’s no need for extensive Photoshop knowledge; Microsoft Word has all the tools you’ll need for perfectly presentable invitations. Use minimal designs and colors to keep the printing costs down.

When the invitations are printed and folded or cut, consider to whom you can deliver invitations to personally (by hand) rather than by buying stamps and sending them snail mail.

Location, Location, Location

When working on a budget, it might be best to host an engagement party in the house or in the backyard (weather permitting) of the host or hosts. This way, no restaurants or waiters and waitresses needs to be paid, and utter freedom is given to attendees for decorating and merry-making.

Spread the Responsibilities

A group of friends and family can make one engagement party more affordable than can one individual. Spread responsibilities by pooling resources for decorations, having different people in charge of different things such as appetizers, desserts, invitations, photography, etc.



Although the couple in question will be showing their happy mugs and sharing stories at the party, it’s a good idea to fill this occasion with evidence of their journey. Make use of Facebook and other social media to print off pictures of the two of them. Print them in black and white, frame them (thrift stores are great for cheap, unique finds like antique or quirky picture frames), and place them on tables and counters, even give them to the couple when the day is done. Another tip: a bonus of having the party at someone’s house is that you can utilize what they already have for decorating the party.

When all is said and done, everyone can clean dishes and recycle waste together and continue the festivities to their hearts’ content. The point of the party is to celebrate the company of others, anyway!