Many people say that married life can’t be one continuous honeymoon and they’re right. However, you can begin your married life with one magical honeymoon trip. Done right, this trip can set the tone for the whole of your married life. Following is a simple guide to planning your honeymoon.

Think of Your Activities

Your honeymoon trip can’t help but be an unmitigated success if you put great consideration on what you and your partner would like to do while on it. Are you fond of snorkeling, scuba diving, deep sea fishing, surfing, swimming, rafting, and such water activities? How about bird watching, hiking, camping, mountain climbing, and skiing? Maybe you’d like to do something mild like shopping, sightseeing, bar hopping, and clubbing? Before you embark on your honeymoon, you and your partner should discuss what activities you’d have most fun doing. Do not settle for something you would not enjoy because your partner would, and vice versa.

Think of Your Destination

After you have settled on your honeymoon activities, think about your honeymoon destination. Naturally, you should pick a destination where you can indulge your inclinations and preferences. You should choose your destination very carefully. Do not compromise. There are seven continents, five oceans, approximately 148,647,000 sq km of land, and about 361,419,000 sq km of water on Earth. The world is a very big place and any part of it could be your playground.

Set Things to Motion

Once you have picked your honeymoon destination, contact a travel agent who can arrange your trip for you, or you can make your travel arrangements yourself. However, it is advisable to let a travel agent organize your trip for you. A travel agent knows your destination better than you do and he can reserve your airline tickets, your hotel accommodations, your bus tickets, your train tickets, etc. much more efficiently than you can. He can also easily schedule you for your planned activities.

Take your head out of the clouds long enough to oversee the practicalities of the trip. More than likely, you will need your passports and visas so be sure to prepare them. You also need to have spending money apart from the money you paid for your trip arrangements so start saving up.

Before you leave for your honeymoon, be sure to leave your contact numbers and itinerary with someone you trust in case something happens and you need to be found. Also have a ready list of phone numbers you may need like your insurance, your embassy, medical emergency hotlines and such.

With the right planning and preparation, your honeymoon can be the best trip you’ll ever make, a proper beginning to true wedded bliss.