Setting the Stage from Afar

Posted by Maya E.

Wedding Theme Inspiration


The Peacock Skirt by Aubrey Beardsley

Time is drawing in nearer and nearer to my wedding this weekend, and I still need to figure out what the reception tables will look like! We are expecting around 250 guests and have 30 round tables that can each seat 8. In order to keep in line with my Jewish Reform Congregation’s eco-friendly guidelines, we cannot use disposable tablecloths. Unfortunately this regulation really put a damper on my early design ideas, which included black paper tablecloths…

In the end, my mother determined it would be significantly cheaper for us to make the tablecloths ourselves, using queen size sheets instead of renting tablecloths, which would come to about $18 each. However, we quickly discovered that individually sold queen size sheets are incredibly difficult to come across, especially when you need 30 of them! Between my mother in Chicago and me in St. Louis, and three Target stores later, I had 30 cream colored queen size sheets ($12 each). Sadly black was not an option :( Against the recommendations of most, we got black plates and napkins, so I think the tablecloths will fit in nicely with our white, ivory/cream, and black color scheme.




Over the years my mother has acquired a huge number of vases from second hand stores. We’ve decided to use the vases to hold the flower arrangements I will be making with my bridesmaids the night before my wedding. We are planning to tie black satin ribbon around neck of the vases and place them in the center of the table on top of black doilies.


One of the many gifts I received at my wedding shower was a book on Jewish paper cuts. I have always loved Mexican paper cuts, so this particular gift felt very close to home. I started to think about how I could incorporate the design and imagery of paper cuts into my ketubah and wedding decorations.


Paper cuts by Mexican artist Margarita Fick

Making a Stencil

A few years ago, when I worked as the art director for Camp JRF, I created a stencil for the Illuminated Manuscript my campers made of Lecha Dodi. Using a sharpie, matt board, and surgical knife (which works much better than exacto) I made a floral stencil, which I used to produce the gold brocade design on each of the Lecha Dodi panels. I found this process to be incredibly time consuming but VERY rewarding!

2583961337_387734e925 2583961063_462cce55ea

Lecha Dodi Illuminated Manuscript 2007 Camp JRF.

Unfortunately my mother is rightfully concerned it is far to close to the wedding date to experiment with the tablecloths. So I am thinking that I will probably use a combination of found black and white decorative papers and black and white illustrations to create the centerpieces.


Gift for the Groom


Sterling Silver Guitar Pick I got for Loren (with letters LW) on Etsy

Gift for Bridesmaids


Along with having my bridesmaids wear black dresses, I also wanted to give them cool but sensible gifts. Because I have so many bridemaids, and am working on such a tight budget, that was a real mission! But I was able to find 2GB flash drives online for a price I can actually afford! These will be included in a little gift bag, with other contents that are still to be decided.

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1 Posted by The Mrs. { 06.16.09 at 10:06 am }

I love the black and white theme! It seems like all of the elements are coming together really well despite you not being able to use black table clothes. I have a friend who is Mexican and a graphic designer. His wedding website (which he designed himself) was inspired by Mexican paper cut too. I thought you might like to see it:

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